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Genie is the convenient, efficient, and smarter way to manage your finances, make easy bill payments, grow your wealth and track your loyalty points.
Explore the numerous products available on Genie and learn how you can take control of your financial life like never before!

Stocks Trading
Another first in Sri Lanka, as we facilitate investment in stocks through the CSE at your fingertips.
Savings Pocket
Cultivating financial discipline has never been easier. Offering seamless planning and control for your money allocation.
Savings Account
Make your money work for you with Dialog Finance Savings Accounts.
Goal Based Savings
Effortlessly save towards your goals, with a plan that best suits your lifestyle.
Lesi Pay Device Loans
Is your dream device always just out of reach? Our revolutionary device loan is the answer you’ve been waiting for.
Quick Loan
Ease the stress of urgent cash requirements with our fast and easy Quick Loan solution.
Mutual Funds
Invest in Mutual Funds to grow your wealth and get closer to achieving your dreams.