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Have an urgent need for cash? Our fast and easy Quick Loan facility will ensure you have cash in your hand in no time.
Whatever your financial emergency may be, all you have to do is download Genie, select the loan option and check your eligibility to apply. The in-app loan calculator
will provide details, including interest rate, monthly instalment and repayment period, based on the value of the loan you are applying for.

Our completely digitized process means you can apply for a loan anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of visiting a branch. And you don’t have to worry about bank accounts, as you will receive a complimentary Dialog Finance Savings Account once your loan is approved. Loan repayments can be done through the account, and as an added advantage,
there is no penalty for early loan settlement.

Key Features
Anytime, Anywhere Service
Quick and Easy Processing
Completely Digitized Application
Complimentary Dialog Finance Savings Account
Fastest regulated quick loan service
  • Completely digitized application
  • Fast processing of loan application and cash received in just two days
  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Make payments conveniently
  • Mobile loan repayments can be done through your Dialog Finance Savings Account
  • There are no penalties for early loan settlement
Smartest alternate credit model
  • You don’t need an existing bank account to apply for the Quick Loan
  • Eligibility for the loan is based on your relationship with Dialog
  • All applications are subject to CRIB process
FAQs Product Assistance
What is Quick loan?
A financial solution launched by Dialog Finance PLC (DFP), that allows pre-selected customers to request loan facilities via a mobile through the Genie app.
How do I obtain a loan?
You can log in to the Genie app, click on the loans tile and then select Quick loan feature. Upon selecting the Quick Loan feature, the eligible loan amount will be displayed. You can proceed by selecting the loan amount (within the eligible loan value), and preferred loan period to proceed with the application submission. After which your details will be evaluated followed by a video call verification.
What are the loan options available?
Based on your credit eligibility, a pre-assigned amount will be available for you. Any amount between the minimum and maximum amount assigned to you, can be obtained as a loan.
What is my loan duration or repayment period?
Loan duration period is between Three to Six months, and you will be able to select between the minimum and maximum tenures assigned to you in the app.
Do I need to have guarantor to obtain a loan?
Yes. You need a personal guarantor.

Once you enter the guarantor details in the app, we will notify your guarantor via a SMS to provide his consent by accessing the link on the SMS. Then DFP will verify the guarantor via a video call.
Do I need to visit an outlet to get this loan?
Do I have to submit any documents?
An image of your NIC, Proof of billing (Only if it’s different from NIC address), and Selfie needs to be uploaded in the e-form.
How do I know my application status?
If the application is complete, you will get a video call from one of our agents within 2 working days, if there are any issues you will be notified for resubmission. In case of a delay, you can report to 0114371317.
Me/My guarantor was unable to answer the call, what do I do?
Wait for our call, if you/your guarantor has failed to answer the verification call for more than 3 times, the loan application will be rejected for guarantor verification failure. You can re-enter a new guarantor to proceed.
Will my loan performance be reported to the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB)?
Yes. It will be reported to the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB).
To which account will my loan be deposited?
We will be opening a savings account for you in DFP to which your loan will be deposited. If you already have an account with us, the loan will be disbursed to same account.
FAQs Applicable Charges
How much will I be charged as interest?
You can view all charges and the monthly instalment before you select the loan amount in the app.

Interest Rate document - Click Here
Will I be charged for late payments?
Yes. An additional 3% will be charged on the capital in arrears.
Do I get charged for loan processing?
Yes. Charged amount will be displayed as a processing fee when you are selecting the loan amount and this will be deducted from your granted amount.
FAQs Instalment and Payment Assistance
Loan, instalment and penalty calculation methods
What is the definition of a month?
A 30-day month from the day the loan is obtained (not a calendar month). E.g.: If a customer takes a loan on 5th January for 3 months, it will be due on 4th April

How is my daily penalty interest calculated for late payment?
The number of days elapsed are taken for penalty interest calculation.
E.g.: If a loan is due on 2nd June and repaid on 4th June, penalty interest is charged for 2 days. This includes weekends and holidays.
Can I place a standing order to send the monthly instalment to Dialog savings account?
Yes. Instalment will be automatically deducted from your DFP savings account. You can place a standing order to fund your DFP savings account or fund via the Genie app.
How do I make my repayments?
Fund your DF savings account and the dues will be auto deducted on the due date. Amount due will be blocked on the savings account, 7 days before the due date.
Can I settle the loan in full at any given time?
Yes. You can go to the full loan settlement option in the app and settle the loan using funds in your DF savings account.
Am I entitled to any benefits for early settlement?
You will only be charged interest to the date that you are early settling the loan.
Do I get charged for instalment payments?
No service charges are applicable for instalment payments which is auto recovered from the savings.
How do I view my Loan details?
All loan details are available on the app under Quick loan.
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