Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deposit money to my DF Savings account?
You can use ‘Add Money’ option under the savings account balance and pull money from your other bank accounts via the Just Pay option.
Can I open a joint savings account?
Currently No, you can only open an individual DF Savings A/c
How to open the saving account statement ?
You will need to enter your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY
Can I transfer or receive money from overseas ?
Currently foreign remittances are not available.
Can I open a joint savings account?
Currently No, you can only open an individual DF Savings A/c.
How do I open DF Savings account?
Download the Genie App from the Google Play Store or App Store and register into the App.
Click on ‘Open a Savings Account’ and follow the instructions.
Can I get a physical document for my transactions?
No, you will receive an e-statement at the end of each month.
When can I start earning interest on my DF Savings account?
From the first date of deposit onwards.
Fixed Deposits
How to withdraw after maturity?
    • In the case of withdrawal of a FD, the duly signed and discharged original certificate should be surrendered by the depositor.
How to withdraw before maturity?
.My FD certificate has been misplaced, what can I do ?
How do I open FD ?
  • Digital DF via the Genie app.
  • Manual FD via the DF
What is a Stock?
A stock is a unit of ownership in a company. If you own a stock, that makes you a shareholder. This means you may be eligible to receive dividends if the company performs well and you may have a vote in some company decisions.
What is a Stock Exchange?
A stock exchange provides a liquid, open market for buying and selling of shares, debentures, etc of publicly owned companies.
What is the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)?
The organization responsible for the operation of the stock market in Sri Lanka is known as the Colombo Stock Exchange. The CSE is a company limited by a guarantee duly established in Sri Lanka and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) to operate as a stock exchange in Sri Lanka.
Why should I invest in the Stock Market?
A stock market investment is one of many potential investment vehicles in which you can invest your disposable income and reap the returns of its growth over a period of time. Stock prices rise and fall in value daily and investing in stable stocks would make you a profit at the point of sale. In addition to the capital gains in stocks, you would also receive dividends declared by companies. However, you must keep in mind that dividend payments are not mandatory and solely depend on the decision made by the Listed Company.

Other forms of investments, when compared to the stock market, can be reasonably illiquid, which means they cannot be immediately sold and easily converted into cash. Investing in stocks, therefore, gives an investor a considerable amount of financial control because of their flexibility and liquidity.

Investing a part of your extra money in shares, along with investments in other asset classes, is also a great way to diversify your investments and spread the risk
What is a listed company?
Raising of funds by a company to support its growth by selling ownership interests to the investing public, those shares need to be listed and traded on that country’s stock exchange/s. Also, these companies need to be in compliance with an Exchange’s set of listing rules.
How do I purchase shares?
You can purchase on the Secondary Market through a stock broker which we have partnered with on the genie app.
What is a CDS account?
In order to trade in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), it is mandatory for investors to open a CDS account through an authorized Stockbroker firm. A CDS account is similar to a standard bank deposit account and acts as a means of representing ownership and movement of securities listed on the CSE.
Why should I open a CDS account?
The CDS account enables you to participate in trading on the CSE. Securities you purchase will be added to your CDS account and similar securities that you sell will be deducted from your CDS account.
How do I open a CDS account?
You can log in to the Genie app, click on the stock trading tile and then select open an account to submit your details in order to open a Securities Account in the CDS. Upon submission, your details will be assessed by the stockbroker which will be sent to CSE for account creation.
Do I have to submit any documents to open a CDS?
Front and rear image of your NIC, Proof of billing (Only if it’s different from NIC address), proof of bank account number, and Selfie needs to be uploaded in the e-form.
What are the fees charged for opening a CDS account?
Opening a CDS account is free of charge.
What do I do 1st after opening a CDS account?
Login to the Genie app and click the stock trading tile and go to your stock trading dashboard. You need to add money to your trading account to start buying and selling stocks.
What are the Payment methods that I can use to add money to my trading account?
  • Other bank savings account
  • Genie Digital Savings account
  • Fund (CEFT) Transfer via 3rd party mobile banking app or web portal
The minimum deposit value is LKR 5,000
What are the applicable charges when you add money to your trading account?
  • Genie Digital Savings account - Free of charge
  • Other bank savings account - Free of charge
  • Fund ( CEFT) Transfer via 3rd party mobile banking app or web portal – Respective charges from the bank may apply.
How do I withdraw money?
Login to the genie app and click the stock trading tile to access the stocks dashboard. Now you can click the withdraw button to request a withdrawal from your trading account.

In order to withdraw money, you need to have a sufficient balance available to withdraw in your trading account.
On what days and times can I trade shares?
The CSE is open from Monday to Friday every week of the year, except on public and bank holidays. Please check the CSE website for any special notice on holidays.

General Trading times: 10.30-12.30 pm

Trading hours are subject to change based on the CSE’s discretion
What is the transaction cost applicable for a trade?
  • For transactions below Rs. 100 Million:
  • For transactions above Rs. 100 Million:
What is an odd lot?
A bundle of shares that is less than 100 in quantity is considered an odd lot.
Can I trade odd lots on the online trading system?
Yes, you can.
Lesi Pay Product FAQ
What is Lesi Pay?
Lesi Pay is a Device Financing solution that offers a microloan facility so that users can purchase their desired Device on an instalment scheme.
How do I know if I’m eligible for the Lesi Pay service?
  • Option 1 - You can check your eligibility for the service by downloading the Genie app from Google Play Store or App store and following the given instructions if you are a Smartphone user.
  • Option 2 - You can check your eligibility for the service by dialling #2020# through your feature phone and follow given instructions, if you are a feature/basic phone user. Special Notice on this for now: Though cx can check eligibility via feature phone by dialling #2020#, Cx needs smart phone to submit the application via Geni App (temporary limitation till we develop the Feature phone journey in the system)
  • Option 3 - By visiting nearest Dialog outlet with your valid NIC, Outlet Device agent will help you to check the eligibility of you for the Lesi Pay service.
Why didn’t I get a SMS notification for the loan?
You can check by downloading the Genie app from Google Play Store or App store and following the given instructions or dial #2020#
How do I obtain a loan to purchase a device?

I don’t have a smartphone, is there an alternative way for me to activate this facility?
Though cx can check eligibility via feature phone by dialling #2020#, Cx needs smart phone to submit the application via Geni App (temporary limitation till we develop the Feature phone journey in the system)
What are the mandatory details I must provide?
  • ID proof ( NIC / DL / PP )
  • Personal details of the original customer
  • Selfie picture of the original customer
  • Permanent address and customer contact details
  • If the NIC stated address differ than the current address – require billing proof (Electricity /water bill)
  • Relative information in case of emergency contact when Cx is not reachable
Can I transfer this offer to my family member or a friend?
No. The offer is exclusively extended to your NIC number.
I have submitted my KYC application through my smartphone. How do I check my application status?
Log in to the Genie app and check the status of your application.
What is my loan duration or repayment period?
You can check the loan replacement period through Genie App.
Do I have to make any payments upfront?
Yes. You must pay a mandatory down payment of the device value mentioned in the App
Can I make a lower down payment?
Can increase the loan amount I’m eligible for?
No, unfortunately the loan amount is fixed. However, you can pay an additional down payment to purchase the device.
How many loans can I obtain?
Only one device loan can obtain at a given time.
Can I obtain another loan after settling my current loan?
Your eligibility is based on your credit rating. Please refer the Genie App for eligibility
How do I know my loan account number?
Once the device is purchased, log in to the Genie app and check.
How can I check my Lesi Pay loan outstanding balance and the due date for settlement?
Log in to the Genie app 🡪 Click on Loan 🡪 Click on Device loan to find the ‘Payment Outstanding’
How do I know if the payment has been made? Can I check the payment history?
Log in to Genie app 🡪 Click on to Lesi Pay 🡪 Click on ‘Payment History’
Can I get physical documents of my transactions?
Lesi Pay is a fully-digital solution. Therefore, physical documentation is not available. However, you may view your loan statement via the Genie app.
Can I place a standing order to automatically deduct the instalment from my eZ Cash or Genie account?
This feature is not available yet, but will be soon.
How will I know if my loan has been closed?
The due date of the last payment will be considered as the closing date of the loan.
Can I extend the loan period while I’m making repayments?
No. You are required to make the repayments within the given period.
eZ Cash FAQ’s
How do I connect my eZ Cash wallet to the genie App?
  • Simply log on to the genie app.
  • Click “Link your eZ Cash wallet” option available on the home page itself.
  • You will be asked to enter your eZ Cash PIN to verify once.
  • Continue to use the eZ Cash service via the genie app
Can I register for an eZ Cash Wallet through genie?
Yes, eZ Cash customer wallet registration has been made easy via the genie App, log in to the genie app and click on the eZ Cash tile and submit the personal information along the desired PIN to complete the eZ Cash registration.
Can I register for an eZ Cash Wallet with a different number other than genie registered number?
No, You can only register for an eZ Cash Wallet on the same genie Registered number, if you want to Link an eZ Cash wallet on genie, you will have to de-activate the current wallet via sending an email to and de-activate the previous account, afterwards you can register via the same genie registered number for an eZ Cash Wallet (Note – Only 1 eZ Cash Wallet can be active under 1 NIC).
Can I link more than 1 wallet on genie.
No, only 1 eZ Cash Wallet can be active under 1 NIC.
What do I do if I encounter any issue while registering via the genie App.
Please drop an email to mentioning the error along with screenshots of the said error and the number that was tried.
Why is it giving me an error while registering via genie?
Corporate Customers and KYC Invalid customers will not be able to register instantly, corporate customers will have to liaise through the corporate account manager and if customers are shown the Invalid KYC error, the said customer will have to visit an arcade and submit KYC information to activate an eZ Cash Wallet.
What are the service chargers for send money from eZ Cash wallet to genie Digital Savings?
FAQs related to Stock KYC Edit Feature
About the feature
What is the Stock Edit KYC feature?
We have now introduced this feature to make the customer’s KYC application journey convenient and quick if there is an error prevailing as the KYC application will not be rejected fully and sent back to the customer to do the edits, instead the broker reviewing the KYC will call the customer and make the necessary changes and reject it with modifications and all the customer has to do is to review and resubmit.
What is the expected journey for this?
Step 1: Customer submits the KYC to Stockbroker portal for the first time and verifies the email.

Step 2: Broker reviews the application and at the video verification stage, the broker will call the customer and make the necessary edits on the application and revert it back to the customer.

Step 3: The customer will receive a push, active and in-app notification informing of the change with the status “ Your application has been rejected due to multiple errors”.

Step 4: The customer reviews the changes and resubmits.

Step 5: Customer verifies the email address.

Step 6: Broker will review the application and approve it to be sent to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) portal.
Application resubmission process
Can the broker modify all the information on the application?
No. The broker can only change certain parameters and image uploads are not allowed.
Can my application be rejected multiple times?
Yes. It will follow the same process.
If the broker is not able to contact me what happens?
The broker will attempt to call you and failure to connect with you will result in the broker rejecting your application under “INVALID DATA” if there are multiple errors.
Does the customer have to verify the email each time he/she resubmits?
Customer notification
How will the customer know what fields have been modified when reviewing the application?
The modified fields will be indicated in blue to be reviewed.
What notification will the customer get?
The customer will receive a push, in-app, active notification and an email indicating that the application has been rejected with modifications.
Contact points for any inquiry
Contact points :
Hotline : +94 76 0670 670

Whatsapp : +0777678678

Email :
How do I change my limits (POS / ATM / Online)
  • Click on ‘Savings & investment’ card
  • Click on 'Cards'
  • Set limits
How do I request a Debit card via App?
  • Click on ‘Savings & investment’ card
  • Click on 'Cards'
  • Select 'Request Debit card'
  • Choose how you want to get the Debit Card
How do I Temporary Block my card?
  • Click on 'Savings & investment' card
  • Click on 'Cards'
  • Select 'Temporary card block'
  • Validate the OTP
How do I permanently block my card if its lost or stolen?
  • Click on 'Savings & investment' card
  • Click on 'Cards'
  • Click on 'Get a new card'
  • Validate OTP
  • Click on 'Request the card'
  • Choose how you want to get the Debit card
How do I Unblock my card?
  • Click on 'Savings & investment' card
  • Click on 'Cards'
  • Click on 'Unblock your card to use it'
  • Validate the OTP
How do I Replace my Debit card?
  • Click on 'Savings & investment' card
  • Click on 'Cards'
  • Click on "Get a new card"
  • Select "I have damaged my card"
  • Validate the OTP
  • Click on ‘Request the card’
  • Choose how you want to get the Debit card
Where I can use my Debit Card?
  • Any LankaPay ATM in Sri Lanka and charges may apply.
Can I use my card overseas?
  • Yes
How do I receive or collect my card?
  • You may arrange to collect it from our Colombo Dialog Finance branch, or we will send the card to your registered address via courier.
Can I collect the card from Dialog Finance branch ?
  • Yes, BUT, only if the savings account activated/created within the same day.
How long does it take to issue a new debit card?
  • 3-5 business days upon receiving the dispatch SMS