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Make Simple and Secure Payments Anywhere, Anytime!

With Genie you don’t need to worry about your cash flow, theft or standing in queues.

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Making Payments just got easier with Genie!

Sri Lanka’s 1st PCI-DSS certified payment app, Genie is a digital wallet that allows you to store your Credit/ Debit cards, Current/ Savings accounts and your eZ Cash wallet in one single app on your smartphone. You can make any bill payment and even reload your prepaid connections simply and securely. Make payments at your convenience for your Water-Electricity bills, Insurance premiums and over the counter payments at over a 20,000 + partner network!

Download Genie today to experience a new world of simplicity and security.

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Genie Certifications Genie Certifications Genie Certifications
400,000+ Downloads
overLKR 4 Billion Worth of Transactions
20,000+ Partners


Many ways to Pay

Pay All your bills in less than 2 minutes

QR Payments:
Scan a Partner QR and make a secure payment.

In-App Payments:
Save the accounts numbers on your Genie app and pay with just one click

Remote Payments:
With this convenient feature, you don’t have to be at the pay point physically. Simply you can accept the payment request sent by the partner from wherever you are by accepting & authorizing the transaction push notification.

Now you pay for all your online purchases with Genie. Simply select Genie as the payment option when you checkout.

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Security guaranteed

Sri Lanka's only PCI DSS certified payment app

Your credit/ debit card data safety is ensured as Genie is PCI DSS certified. Leading security controls are enforced for all processes of card data to prevent frauds and data breeches.

Go Cashless!

Leave your wallet at home. With Genie you can store your Debit/ Credit Cards, Current / Savings Accounts & eZ Cash wallet

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Pay all your bills in one go

Got many bills to pay? With the multiple bill payment option, you can pay all your bills at once in one simple step.

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Enjoy a seamless payment experience

Get on board as a partner to accept seamless payments and join a network of over 20,000 + partners

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Make Simple And Secure Payments Anywhere, Anytime!

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Download Genie App

Visit play store or app store to
download Genie. Search as “Pay by Genie”


create an account

Fill in your basic info &
Sign up with a secure PIN or


Select Payment Method

You can add your Credit / Debit cards, Savings & Current accounts or your mobile wallet eZ Cash


verify your account

Call your bank or via SMS/Online banking verify your account


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Notice to our valued Customers and Merchants

We are experiencing a system issue within our Genie Payment Gateway and our technical teams are currently working on resolving it. Please be assured that we have deployed all security measures to ensure that none of our valued customers, merchants or other partners will be adversely affected. We remain committed to ensuring the confidence placed on the Genie Payment Gateway and aim to restore the system expeditiously. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused in this regard.