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Lesi Credit a micro loan facility enabled for Dialog customers to obtain an instant credit facility to settle your Dialog bills ( Dialog mobile and reload , Dialog TV and Home broadband ). You also has the option to top-up your Ezcash wallet to complete your urgent needs.

It’s a simple registration with No approval to obtain the Credit Facility.  A unique loan account and a flexible monthly installment scheme to repay the loan,  We have simplified the repayment of installment through Genie App. You can pay by registering a debit or credit card , via Ezcash , by registering a saving account.

Key Features
Simple registration with No approval
Instant Credit to Pay Bills or Reload
Get eZ Cash up to 50%
Flexible payment plans
Instant Credit for your urgent needs
  • Pay your Dialog Bills ( Mobile , DTV and HBB) or reload your mobile prepaid account
  • Top-up your Ezcash wallet up to 50% of your loan value
Simplified journey
  • No guarantor or No Credit for registration to apply for Lesi Credit facility
  • No application & approval process to obtain the loan
  • Unique Loan account and flexible payment plan for loan repayment
Loan Repayment made easy with Genie
  • Register a debit or credit card or pay by registering a saving account
  • Pay your loan repayment via Ezcash merchant island wide
How to Apply
Loan Repayment Methods
eZ Cash
Register or link your eZ Cash wallet and make payments on time
Add your Credit/ Debit card and make payments on time
Add your Savings account and make payments on time
Visit an outlet
Visit to a nearest Dialog Experience Centre or Service Centre to make payments on time
What is Lesi Credit?
Lesi Credit is a Fintech solution that offers a micro credit for existing Dialog customers who can Redeem the facility to Utilize services & Pay on instalment via Lesi Credit
How do I know if I’m eligible for the Lesi Credit service?
You can check your eligibility for the service by downloading the Genie app from Google Play Store or App store and following the given instructions if you are a Smartphone user.
Why didn’t I get a SMS notification for the facility?
You can check by downloading the Genie app from Google Play Store or App store and following the given instructions
I don’t have a smartphone, is there an alternative way for me to activate this facility?
No. It’s applicable for customer’s who can download Genie App
What are the mandatory details I must provide?
Need to validate your NIC & Mobile connection through OTP process
Can I transfer this offer to my family member or a friend?
No. The offer is exclusively extended to your NIC number.
What is my facility duration or repayment period?
You can check the facility repayment period through Genie App
Do I have to make any payments upfront?
No, but we will charge a processing fee upfront only for eZ Cash top-ups. This will auto recover from the disbursement value
Can increase the facility amount I’m eligible for?
No, unfortunately the facility amount is fixed.
How many facilities can I obtain?
At any given time, you can have only one active facility under your NIC.
Can I obtain another facility after settling my current facility?
Your eligibility is based on your credit rating. Please refer the Genie App for eligibility
How do I know my facility account number?
Once the account is created, you will receive a notification or log in to the Genie app and check.
How can I check my Lesi Credit outstanding balance and the due date for settlement?
Log in to the Genie app  Click on Facilities  Click on Lesi Credit to find the ‘Payment Outstanding’
How do I know if the payment has been made? Can I check the payment history?
Log in to Genie app  Click on to Lesi Credit  Click on ‘Payment History’
Can I get physical documents of my transactions?
Lesi Credit is a fully-digital solution. Therefore, physical documentation is not available. However, you may view your facility statement via the Genie app.
Can I place a standing order to automatically deduct the instalment from my eZ Cash or Genie account?
This feature is not available yet, but will be soon.
How will I know if my facility has been closed?
The due date of the last payment will be considered as the closing date of the facility.
Can I extend the facility period while I’m making repayments?
No. You are required to make the repayments within the given period.
How much will I be charged as interest?
Interest rates will vary based on your credit profile. You can check the rate at the time of purchase.
Will I be charged for late payments?
Not currently.
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