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Genie Business is a landmark in Sri Lanka’s payment acceptance service industry. The all-in-one payment acceptance solution that accepts payments from simply any card, any bank or any app enabling customers to have wider reach!

The all-inclusive solution enables you the possibility to accept payments through QR as well as the internet payment gateway. Genie business also empowers you to expand your business through lending, providing you with working capital which will be available after three months of maintaining your relationship with genie business and value-added benefits such as accessing customer bases through dialog and to experience the entire dialog eco system. Helping you take your first steps to the online world.

That's not all! Businesses can create their own e-store instantly and start selling their goods/services online.

You could be an established merchant or a start-up business, Genie business is the solution with the utmost convenience to cater to all your payments acceptance needs at any time and place.

Genie Business allows you to simply register using your NIC which opens doors to small businesses such as home-based startups to boost their sales and grow exponentially.

Click on the link to try out genie business today! @geniebusiness | Linktree
A comprehensive payment acceptance solution to accept payments from any bank, any card or any app.

QR payments
Accept payments from any Lanka QR enabled payment wallet.

Internet Payment Gateway (IPG)
A payment gateway to boost your online sales with all card types enabled such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay.
Create Payment Links
Ability to create and share payment links whenever needed where the receiver just requires to click to checkout.

Do not have a website to sell online? No worries. The Genie Business solution enables you to set up your e-store instantly.
No business registrations required
If you are a startup or a homebound business yet to register, we have got you covered. We only need your NIC to enroll and get started!

Easy reconciliation - all your records in one place
If you are already accepting payments via multiple vendors, then you know the hassle of reconciling all payments liaising with different parties and accessing different outdated systems.

Genie Business gives you the comfort of reconciling all payments in one place with simply accessing one login.
How can I sign up?
Download the Genie Business mobile app from the Google Store or Apple Store. For more information, click here Or, give us a call on our hotline - 0760760760.
What is an IPG?
Internet Payment gateway - A service provided by an E-commerce application service provider which authorizes credit/debit card or direct payment processing.
What is an E-shop?
An E-shop is an online outlet containing the list of products to sell, information on products and stocks, prices and a function for ordering online.
What is a payment link?
A payment link is in a form of a shareable URL where sellers can collect their online payments from.
How can a payment link help your business?
  • Affordability
  • Security
  • Availability of multiple payment methods
  • Tracking and maintaining functionalities for transaction records
Are payment links secure?
Yes, payment links provide an efficient way for E-commerce businesses to allow buyers to pay in a more simplified and secured manner.
How can you set up your E-shop?
  • Simply download the Genie Business application.
  • Login and select Shops.
  • Create a shop.
  • Start adding your products for sale.
Is a business registration required?
No, just your NIC will do.
How long does it take to set up?
Within 3 days, of getting the completed application verified by the genie business team.
Do I need a bank account to sign up?
Yes, we need a settlement account to remit your daily turnover.
Genie business also provides a Dialog Finance account which is designed for convenience and simplicity.
Which currencies does it support?
Just LKR for the moment.
However, we will be offering foreign card acceptances soon.
How long does the settlement take to be credited to your bank account?
The next working day - For sole proprietors and individual business owners.
T+3 days (Transaction performed date + another 3 days) - For limited liability companies or partnership company owners.
How can a merchant request a refund?
The merchant can request for a refund via an email, this would take place within 5-7 working days.(this is subjected to availability of the merchants existing funds).
What is a settlement a/c?
This a/c is given at the time of on onboarding the merchant for Genie Business to settle all the collected funds.
More reach, more sales
The solution is owned by Dialog Axiata PLC and it opens the opportunity to avail your products/services to possibly the larger clientele via various strategic partnerships. It accepts payments from all types of banks, cards and apps which is an added advantage.
Single Acquirer, multiple payment acceptance options
The all in one, one for all payment acceptance solution gives you the comfort of having to operate with a single service provider to accept payments from multiple payment tools.

Manage your finances better
Faster settlements and low fees. The waiver on set up and annual fees contributes to better returns. You can also obtain quick business loans based on your turnover after 3 months.

  • • Financial benefits that will uplift your business.
  • • The opportunity to cater to our 9 million loyal customers.
  • • Be a part of the Dialog merchant network.
  • • Assurance that your money will be settled to you as promised.
Communications support
The partnership allows merchants to added benefits such as dedicated SMS, social media campaigns and obtaining expert services on creating communicational materials. Also, the Dialog properties such as on-screen airtime at locations as well as access to 4,000+ Dialog staff to promote the products/services.

One solution that fits all
Whether you are a small business, medium size enterprise or a large-scale business with a bigger network of outlets, Genie Business will serve you seamlessly.
No paperwork required
You can go completely paperless with genie Business and save costs while moving towards a greener environment.

Providing you with working capital
Loan facilities to develop your business based on the turnover for the last 3 months.
Set up easy, with genie!
Integration information
Here are popular shopping cart plugins Genie Business supports to enable a seamless check out process for its customers.

Plugin for OpenCart
Your integration with Genie Business is super convenient with our Genie Business plugin for OpenCart. Download the OpenCart Extension Directory and follow the instructions given for an easy integration process.

Plugin for WooCommerce
Your integration with Genie Business is super convenient with our Genie Business plugin for WooCommerce. Download the WooCommerce Extension Directory and follow the instructions given for an easy integration process.

We cater to all business types
You could be a proprietorship, partnership, limited liability or even a business without registration, we’re here to serve you all.
  • Startups or home-based small-scale businesses
  • Medium to large enterprises with one or multiple outlets/branches
  • e-commerce merchants
  • Professional services
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