Terms and conditions for Opening of a CDS Account

1. I hereby request you to open and maintain a Securities Account in my name and to act as my depository in relation to the securities listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange that may be deposited in my Securities Account from time to time.
2. I agree that the Securities Account will be operated in accordance with the Rules of the CDS, the applicable guidelines and procedures, and any amendments made thereto from time to time by the CDS.
3. I hereby authorize you to accept delivery of the Securities certificates that may be delivered to you from time to time for deposit into the Securities Account. I hereby represent and warrant that I have good title to such Securities certificates and that the Participant making such deposit is lawfully entitled and duly authorized to do so.
4. I hereby confirm that my Participant has full authority to deposit any security into the Securities Account, to withdraw any deposited Securities on my behalf, and to accept the delivery of Securities certificates and other documents from you on my behalf.
5. I hereby acknowledge that, in the event I have provided an email address in Personal Information section of the online account application, the CDS Account Statements pertaining to my CDS Account will be sent to the email address provided therein. I confirm that any change in my email address or any request in writing for discontinuation of this service will be immediately communicated by me in writing to the CDS through my Participant.
6. I undertake to give you notice in writing through my Participant of any change of particulars given above within 14 days of such change.
7. By entering my data, I expressly accept the processing of my personal data as defined in the privacy policy of the CSE Group and understand that, as provided for under any regulation laying down specific provisions for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data applicable to me, I am entitled to exercise my data subject rights by sending an email to the following address: dpo@cse.lk