Terms & Conditions for CDS Account Opening

  1. I hereby request you to open and maintain a Securities Account in my name and to act as my depository in relation to the securities listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange that may be deposited in my Securities Account from time to time.
  2. I agree that the Securities Account will be operated in accordance with the Rules of the CDS, the applicable guidelines and procedures, and any amendments made thereto from time to time by the CDS.
  3. I hereby authorize you to accept delivery of the Securities certificates that may be delivered to you from time to time for deposit into the Securities Account. I hereby represent and warrant that I have good title to such Securities certificates and that the Participant making such deposit is lawfully entitled and duly authorized to do so.
  4. I hereby confirm that my Participant has full authority to deposit any security into the Securities Account, to withdraw any deposited Securities on my behalf, and to accept the delivery of Securities certificates and other documents from you on my behalf.
  5. I hereby acknowledge that, in the event I have provided an email address in Personal Information section of the online account application, the CDS Account Statements pertaining to my CDS Account will be sent to the email address provided therein. I confirm that any change in my email address or any request in writing for discontinuation of this service will be immediately communicated by me in writing to the CDS through my Participant
  6. I undertake to give you notice in writing through my Participant of any change of particulars given above within 14 days of such change
  7. By entering my data, I expressly accept the processing of my personal data as defined in the privacy policy of the CSE Group and understand that, as provided for under any regulation laying down specific provisions for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data applicable to me, I am entitled to exercise my data subject rights by sending an email to the following address: dpo@cse.lk
Declaration Part I - Declaration for Opening of a CDS Account
1. The Securities Account to be opened by me in the CDS shall be maintained for my benefit only.
2. The application and the documents attached thereto bear true and correct information and no alteration, modification or falsification was carried out to them to hide or deflect true facts.
3. In the event of a variation of any information given in this application, this Declaration and other information submitted by me along with the application to open a CDS Account, I undertake to inform the CDS & the Participant in writing within fourteen (14) days of such variation.
4. The funds to be invested for the purchase of securities through the Securities Account to be opened with the CDS will not be Funds derived from any money laundering activity or funds generated through the financing of terrorist or any other illegal Activity.
5. I have not been banned and/or rejected and/or suspended by any criminal/civil tribunal or administrative authority in Sri Lanka or in any other country in connection with the following offences:
    - Engaging directly or indirectly in any transaction in relation to any property which is derived or realized directly or indirectly, from any unlawful activity or from the proceeds of any unlawful activity as defined by the Financial Transactions Reporting Act No. 6 of 2006;
    - Receiving, possessing, concealing, disposing of or bringing into Sri Lanka or into any other country, or for investing in Sri Lanka or in any other country, any property which is derived or realized, directly or indirectly, from any unlawful activity or from the proceeds of any unlawful activity referred to above; or
    - Any other offence which has been defined as an offence under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act No.5 of 2006 and any amendment thereto or any similar legislation in any other part of the world.
6. I hereby further declare that I am a person of good standing with no record of criminal convictions in relation to the offences stated above, in Sri Lanka or in any other country.
7. I declare that my application and other relevant documentation to open a CDS account has not been refused or any business relationship has not been declined previously by any other Participant of the CDS.
8. I further declare and agree that, should the CSE/CDS determine any statements made by me herein to the contrary, (or any such matter through publicly available information or otherwise) which would in the opinion of the CSE/CDS be detrimental to the CDS as an institution having to comply with the laws/regulations of Sri Lanka pertaining to transactions of its account holders or parties connected to such account holders, the CDS is hereby authorized to unilaterally terminate all depository and such other services connected to me and recover related costs or other expenses pertaining to this account.
9. I declare that the information set out in the application is true and accurate and our investments will be in accordance with such information:
10. I hereby confirm that - contents of application form, along with the employment details and information related to Politically Exposed Persons and the Declarations have been duly read over and understood by me prior to submitting the application. The information provided by me in the said application form along with the employment details and information related to Politically Exposed Persons and the Declarations is accurate. I further agree that, I shall be bound by terms and conditions and the Declarations.
Declaration Part II - Convictions & Pending criminal proceedings
I or any persons(s) associated with me and/or any entity connected to me (as a partner, shareholder, director) do not have against me or persons connected and/or associated as aforesaid any convictions/pending criminal proceedings in Sri Lanka or in any other part of the world.
Declaration Part III - Consent to verify details with Departments for Registration of Person
I give consent to and irrevocably permit CDS to verify with the Department for Registration of Persons and/ or any third party/ authority, the Know Your Customer information concerning me, including the particulars contained in my National Identity Card.