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Stock Trading

Introducing a seamless, smooth process that lets you trade on the stock market with ease.
For the first time in Sri Lanka, you can now open your trading account (CDS account), buy stocks, view your portfolio and get market information, all through the versatile Genie app!

Key Highlights
  • Convenient Account Opening Process
  • Manage Entire Investment Portfolio
  • Monitor Market Performance
  • Fully Digitized Online Trading Experience
Seamless Onboarding
  • Submit your application through Genie to open your online trading account
  • Start trading as soon as your account is created
Manage Funds Through Genie
  • Directly transfer funds from Current or Savings Accounts to your online trading account via Genie
  • Withdraw funds within 24 hours of making a request
  • No hassle of bank transfers and other third-party payments
Access to Market Information
  • View a summary of market performance on Genie
  • View details such as last traded price, current price, offers and asks of specific shares
  • See your entire portfolio in real time
What is a Stock?
A stock is a unit of ownership in a company. If you own a stock, that makes you a shareholder. This means you may be eligible to receive dividends if the company performs well and you may have a vote in some company decisions.
What is a Stock Exchange?
A stock exchange provides a liquid, open market for buying and selling of shares, debentures etc of publicly owned companies.
What is the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)?
The organization responsible for the operation of the stock market in Sri Lanka is known as the Colombo Stock Exchange. The CSE is a company limited by guarantee duly established in Sri Lanka and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) to operate as a stock exchange in Sri Lanka.
Why should I invest in the Stock Market?
A stock market investment is one of many potential investment vehicles in which you can invest your disposable income and reap the returns of its growth over a period of time. Stock prices rise and fall in value daily and investing in stable stocks would make you a profit at the point of sale. In addition to the capital gains in stocks you would also receive dividends declared by companies. However, you must keep in mind that dividend payments are not mandatory and solely depend on the decision made by the Listed Company.

Other forms of investments, when compared to the stock market, can be reasonably illiquid, which means they cannot be immediately sold and easily converted into cash. Investing in stocks therefore gives an investor a considerable amount of financial control because of their flexibility and liquidity.

Investing a part of your extra money in shares, along with investments in other asset classes, is also a great way to diversify your investments to reduce and manage risk.

What is a listed company?
Raising of funds by a company to support its growth by selling ownership interests to the investing public, those shares need to be listed and traded on that country’s stock exchange/s. Also these companies need to be in compliance with an Exchange’s set of listing rules.
How do I purchase shares?
There are two ways to purchase shares:

  1. From a new issue of shares (Primary Market) via an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or Private Placement (shares issued to selected investors) In the primary market, the security is purchased directly from the issuer (company).

  2. On the Secondary Market through a stock broker.

For both options, you would need to open a CDS (Central Depository System) account if you intend to trade in shares.
What is a CDS account?
In order to trade in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), it is mandatory for investors to open a CDS account through an authorized Stock Broker firm. A CDS account is similar to a standard bank deposit account and acts as a means of representing ownership and movement of securities Listed on the CSE.
Why should I open a CDS account?
The CDS account enables you to participate in trading on the CSE. Securities you purchase will be credited into your CDS account and similarly securities that you sell will be debited from your CDS accounts.
How do I open a CDS account?
You can log in to the Genie app, click on stock trading tile and then select open an account to submit you details to open a Securities Account in the CDS. After which your details will be evaluated by the stockbroker and submit the information for account creation.
Do I have to submit any documents to open a CDS?
An image of your NIC, Proof of billing (Only if it’s different from NIC address), proof of bank account number and Selfie needs to be uploaded in the e-form.
What are the fees Charged for opening a CDS account?
Opening of a CDS account is free of charge
What do I deposit in CDS account?
You can deposit shares, debentures, warrants, government securities and units of closed end funds
What do I do 1st after opening a CDS account?
Login to Genie app and click stock trading tile and go to your stock trading dashboard. You need to add money to your trading account to start buying and selling stocks. You can use any savings or current account registered in Genie to add money to your trading account.

Minimum deposit value is LKR 5,000
What are the applicable charges?
You will be charged as per guidelines of Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Value of the Transaction Maximum Customer Fee
8,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 50,000 Rs. 20.00
6,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 8,000 Rs. 16.00
4,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 6,000 Rs. 12.00
2,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 4,000 Rs. 8.00
1,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 2,000 Rs. 4.00
250 < Transaction Value ≤ 1,000 Rs. 1.00
100 < Transaction Value ≤ 250 Rs. 1.00
50 < Transaction Value ≤ 100 Rs. 1.00
Transaction Value ≤ 50 Rs. 1.00
How do I withdraw money?
Login to genie and click the stock trading tile and enter the stocks dashboard. Now you can click the withdraw button and make request to withdraw money from your trending accounts.

In order to withdraw money, you need to have sufficient balance available to withdraw in your trading account.
On what days and times can I trade shares?
The CSE is open from Monday to Friday every week of the year, except on public and bank holidays. Please check the CSE website to know about holidays.

Trading times:

  • Pre-open: 9.00 am-9.30 am
  • Open auction: 9.30 am
  • Normal Trading: 9.30 am -14.30 pm
  • Closing: 14.30 pm
What is the transaction cost applicable for a trade?
For transaction below 100Mn 1.12% For transaction above 100Mn
Brokerage Fees 0.640% Minimum brokerage (floor) 0.200%
CSE Fees 0.084% CSE Fees 0.0525%
CDS Fees 0.024% CDS Fees 0.0150%
SEC Cess 0.072% SEC Fees 0.0450%
Share Transaction Levy 0.300% Share Transaction Levy 0.300%

Transaction Cost will be applied on a step up basis for transactions over Rs. 100 Million.
Can we trade odd lots on the online trading system?
Yes you can.