Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genie?

“Genie” will offer a common wallet to customers, many established payment options available in Sri Lanka to facilitate purchasing of any product/services within the Genie network of Merchants. Payment Options available will be as follows

User Access & Availability

How do I access this service?
How do I get started on Genie?
Does Genie have any mobile operator restrictions?

Not at all! It is open to all mobile subscribers in Sri-Lanka,

Can I share my Genie User credentials with another person?

Genie user credentials are solely the responsibility of the account user (mobile app / web). Financial risks that occur by sharing the user login details will be solely be under the user.

Can I login with the same user credentials on multiple devices?

Yes! You have the flexibility to switch between devices according to your convenience but you could only be logged in through one device at a time.

Can I use genie via Wi-Fi?

Yes! You can access genie through Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection

Is genie free to set up?

Yes it is absolutely free for registration.

What are the card types that I can store under my Genie account?

You can use any Sri Lankan VISA or Master card, that is enabled for online use by your card issuing bank. If you are not sure please check with your bank.


Is my account safe?

As we are aware of the alarming Security/Privacy issue during online transactions, we have taken stringent measures to ensure exceptional levels of security as follows:-

Will I be notified whenever any secure activity is performed?

You will get a SMS /e-mail for every successful activity relating to a transaction, registering of a card or PIN/Password reset that takes place.

What is the process of verifying my card with Genie?

We don’t want to leave space for fraudulent transactions.

When you add a card, Genie will perform a random transaction from your card

You could verify your card by entering the random transaction value which can be found through your mobile banking / internet banking.

Alternatively, you can verify your card by obtaining the random transaction value / approval code for this transaction by calling your bank hotline.

What if I forget my log-in password?
How can I change my Genie wallet PIN

Product Usage

Can I use any of my credit cards or debit cards with genie?

Yes, but if you have any problems registering your cards with genie please contact your bank for clarifications

Is there a maximum limit applicable for every transaction done?

Yes. The maximum limit is Rs. 100,000 per transaction; however, the limitations on your card may override if it is lower

How can I access my transaction data?

Your transaction history will be shown on your Genie mobile app or web under History.

Are there any hidden charges/fees involved?

No. If there are any additional charges you will be notified prior to performing a transaction.

How can I raise any complaints or inquiries regarding Genie and It’s services?

You can drop us a message and we will get back to you.