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become a partner


Genie is the perfect platform to keep your customers up-to-date with your seasonal offers, promotions etc.

By joining the expanding Genie network, your organisation will be seen as a leader in your industry and in the mobile payment arena of the country. This enhancement in your organisation’s image will invariably translate into more business in the future.

Why Genie ?
Multiple Payment Channels on One Platform

While your Genie customers have the benefit of being able to access multiple platforms ( Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Current/ Savings Accounts and Mobile Money), you will have the advantage of being able to access all existing and emerging payment channels on one convenient, easy-to-use platform.

Faster Checkout

Genie provides the fastest customer checkout experience in Sri Lanka, allowing you to handle customer payments efficiently and thereby adding greater convenience to the customers’ shopping experience.

Genie One Click Pay

Being the first PCI DSS certified payment aggregator in Sri Lanka, we are constantly bent on revolutionizing security and convenience for our merchants and customers. With the implementation of the tokenization feature, you can allow your customers to store their card details and thus allowing them to perform subsequent transactions without entering card details every time they do a purchase.

This allows users to pay via a single click  for a faster, more convenient and safer checkout. So now as a Genie merchant, you can directly integrate your app/ website for a seamless payment experience and encourage recurrent payments for your customers.

3 D Security

Your customers’ transactions will be more safer than ever with the introduction of 3DS which is an additional layer of security.

Once customers enter their card details, their respective bank will send an OTP (One Time Password) to the card-registered mobile number which the customers should enter to authenticate the transaction. This ensures that the transaction is performed by the cardholder.  Now you can be guaranteed of minimum fraud and secure payment checkout!

 Status Check API

Now you can directly call the Genie system and get the transaction status if you have not received the transaction status during transaction processing. This will eliminate any transaction reconciliation issues which will be troublesome to both parties and create a far more convenient and efficient transaction process for you and your customers.

Dedicated Application

With Genie, you don’t need a separate Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) for website or app transactions.

No Hidden Charges

Now, you can focus on growing your business and planning the financial future of your organisation without worrying about what our charges are.

Boost Sales through Technology

Genie offers various tools to help you drive sales by:

  • Tracking the frequency of purchases of all customers
  • Developing customer loyalty
  • Increasing customer retention

Additionally, by using Genie’s latest technology, your organisation can also make its presence felt in the virtual shopping space and reach a wider customer base.

Convenience of E-Billing

With the introduction of e-billing, you can take advantage of Genie’s exceptional analytical and reconciliation capabilities. This means a reduction in your operational costs and a welcome break from the hassle of manual reconciliation for transactions.

Say NO to POS

This means that you can deploy many partner terminals at minimal costs, allowing you to accept payments through a large network of mobile sales persons and agents across the island.